Class Pm36
Country Poland
Railroad Line PKP
Wheel Arrangement 2'C1' h2   Boiler Pressure 18,0 kp/cm
Tender 2'2' Grate Area 3,9 m
Driving Wheel 2000 mm

Heating Surface Area

198,0 m
Leading Wheel mm Superheater Area m
Trailing Wheel mm Cylinder 530 mm
Length (over all) 14 843mm Piston Stroke 700 mm
Max. Speed (Design) 140 km/h Max. Axle Loading Mp
Max. Speed (achieved) km/h Weight on drivers Mp
Power 1800 hpi Weight (total) 92,7 Mp
Fuel Coal Power Transmission Rods
Gauge 1435 mm Tractive Effort    10,6 Mp
First Bldg. Year


  Number built


A second locomotive of this type was built withou streamlining. Both were captured by Germany in 1939 and taken over by the DRG as Class 186. After the war, they were returned.